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website, new cd, blah blah blah...

...ok, i've had this job thats been keeping me from being online and whatnot, but i quit. so after coming here and reading shit, this is what's up:

rob: yeah man, i just talked to you.

website shit: the website was temporarily taken down because the host wasn't paid because i switched over all band treasurey shit to joe and then things got jumbled around. it'll be back real soon.

new cd: july 12th is the release date. we have copies for sale as does willowtip. all willowtip preorders are being sent right now in case you can't wait for the store date.

me: i'm drunk right now as i'm typing all of this. it rules.

us sucking: it's cool. criticism is part of the game. just make sure you don't buy anything else from us because i write the same songs over and over again in an attempt to make you not listen. wish me luck on my new job interview tomorrow.

everyone who likes us: thank you so much. i think you'll all dig the new release. it's old and new codc mixed up to form one big heaping pile of musical deliciousness.

my email address is if anyone wants to chit chat.

ladies and gentlemen, thank you and goodnight.
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