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Name: Samael (yes, actually Samael since the wonders of Deed Poll)
Age: 24
Sex: yes please. (Sorry but it has to be done)
Residence: NorthWest England approximately 15mile + away from any metal scene it seems
Siblings: 1 older sister
Fave food: Asian (as in oriental - Chinese, Japanese - not Indian), Tiramisu..
Fave season: winter. Rather be too cold than too hot.
Daily occupation: Shop worker. I have an honours degree yet no-one wants to employ me. bastards.
When did you get into Metal: such a total n00b, i only got into metal at the dawn of the new millennium
When did you get into Enthroned : about 2-3 weeks ago
First Enthroned song you heard: Crimson Legions
Favorite Enthroned song : far too early to pick one atm. I'd rather listen to more.
Music tastes besides Enthroned : brutal and old school death metal - far too numerous to mention - make up the large bulk of my CD collection though i am currently getting more into black metal than i've ever done before after only ever really appreciating Emperor up until hearing Enthroned, Gorgoroth and Dark Funeral.
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