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Re: O Ba K Be

Originally posted by pig destoyer
I Have Desire to be a band that was something i did awhile back we quit (like i said no desire to play) i have a job doing graphic design and the other guys that were in those bands play in other bands know or have jobs to
i just like pissing people off ha ha boom boom ahaaaaaahahahahaah

if your not playing grindcore then what the fuck are you playing(thrash) come on if it walks like a dog and barks like a dog it's a fucking dog embrass the grindcore become one with the grindcore.
pig destroyer, you need to shut up and have more respect. Just what the fuck do you think that you are doing going around posting useless and disrespectful shit on this bands forum. I have noticed that every thing that you have posted consists of this kind of irritating content. Do you not embarrass your self?
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