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Originally Posted by Merfolk View Post
I grew up in Valleyfield and could watch the regattas from my dock!

Sebast Caza was a good friend of mine in the 80's; we jammed rush and Maiden together, he is actually the first person I know to own a bass with 5 strings.
Even though he always been very friendly, he is indeed one of the first to tell that extreme metal would go unnoticed. Then, the pressure to go commercial was way worse. I gave it a try and quickly regretted

In that area, the city hall had shows interrupted because of a mosh pit. My old band Foreshadow has been banned from playing for two full years in my home town, room owners would receive a call the very day we announced the show! And it's the only area where I go denied a job because of my association with metal. I'm glad I moved out, the only thing I miss there is my fishing spot under Mgr Langlois bridge (Walleye, Bass and Muskie at 4 AM...HEE HAA!!!!!!!!)
The regattas and city hall shows still rocks haha! I hope you'll make a show again in Ile Perrot, t'was so sick last time ... Anyway I don't know if you kept in touch with Sebast but he never stoped experimented with his basses since, I think, he has some extended range and had some fretless ones, did his cegep with piano, real studio geek, multitude projects ... Anyway it would be cool if you come to the shop someday !
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