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Originally Posted by FistedSister View Post
Damn dude, only if you knew LabelThief IRL. 345lbs is prob what he benched in junior high.

I haven't met very many people whom can bench over 300lbs. I can hardly get 275lbs pressed these days (reps only). Never really aimed for maxing out (being my hockey coach made it clear it's not good for you).
lol- I played hockey for Berklee. I think they're a D3 team now. I also played from age 5-17. And yeah, I never max out on any lifts. For awhile I was terrified of getting a pec tear and started psyching myself out. But at the same time most of the people I've seen who've gotten pec tears got them while in a somewhat high rep range. I read an article on t-nation just a couple days ago about how flat bb bench is one of the worst things you can do (and best way to tear a muscle).
Still, it'll have to happen to me before I ever stop doing it.
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