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simple, different people in the band, with different visions really, trust me there are still some progressive or new elements in the new songs, but the core sound is there that went a bit missing on the last 2 albums, in my opinion. I believe everyone who is in the current line up is first of all a fan of the band and they also wanted to bring back what they were missing in our sound since, and logically I think perhaps Coronary Reconstruction sounds more like a natural evolution from the archaic abattoir than the latter 2 records do.

it doesn't really matter in the end, when we did goremageddon people called this band sellouts cause it didnt sound as USDM as engineering, when we did archaic we played metalcore according to some, and then strychnine was deathcore and sellout, the people in the band fully believe in the new material and it feels right, to me, I haven't enjoyed the material this much for a while. That is what really matters, regardless of what people that are not directly linked to the band think.

This being said I hope you enjoy the new material and just give it a spin when its out
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