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Hey, I'm from Australia and I have a friend over in Malmö who lives very close to your house. Anyway he was the one that told me about you guys a couple of years ago and ever since I heard Remnants of Deprivation I have been admiring your fast technical drumming.

I've only been drumming about 2 years and most of this time have been practicing to your drumming and immitating techniques to make me better aside from the basic rudiments and practice things that most drummers do I have been practicing double kicking and blast beats just like you use. I know it's different when you're not recording, my band have done a few gigs and recordings but when I'm at home drumming by my self I come up with alot different stuff.
I still use my original kit which is a Pearl Forum but I was hoping if you ever had some time to write down your equipment and preffered skins/sticks things like that. It's not usually that I get to ask a brutal drummer such as yourself a question like this.. but I thought I would give it a try since you guys are all so friendly on this forum.

Thanks for any help man.

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