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Hey man..

Cool to hear that you're practicing to V.B songs, I take that as a big complimant. I usually do the same, practice to bands and drummers that influence me such as John Longstreth (Origin), Mario Duplantier (Gojira), James King (last Origin album) and a bunch of other drummers and bands. I even practice to various hip-hop and r'n'b sometimes just cause I like to play a bit simpler grooves and stuff. Good for warming up..

As for my gear, I'm endorsed by the following brands:

Adams drums: I have an Adams 8000 - Ebony finish with golden hardware. Their 8000 series is the best one they have and it sounds awesome. A bit like Pearl's MMX series. I used my Adams kit on the last album "Absorbing..".
I have two 22"x18" bassdrums, two toms in front that are 10"x8" and 12"x9" and then a third tom on my left which is 14"x10". Then a floortom on my right which is 16"x16". All my hardware is Pearl's latest which I bought a couple of years before I got the endorsement with Adams.

I'm also endorsed by Anatolian cymbals, Trick Pro-1V Big foot pedals and Silverfox drumsticks (I use their size 1A which is a bit longer than normal and just slightly thinner than a standard 5B).

I also use an Alesis DM5 trigger-module and for skins I always go with Remo. Either Pinstripes or Ambassadors. For "Absorbing.." I used Ambassadors cause I wanted a bit more tone out of my drums which you don't get as much with Pinstripes.

So there you go!
If you have any other questions then just feel free to ask.
Good luck with your drumming, cheers!


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