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Wow dude, that's more then enough information haha. This helps alot!

Those sticks sound interesting, I've always used 7A's or 5B's. I also use Remo Pinstripes but havn't changed them in years hehe. I've heard about the DM5 trigger-module, it sounds decent a great purchase. Do you use your own sound for the kicks in the module or one of the defaults? I got a DDRUM trigger last week but my module doesn't work with them.. considering it's an old cheap Legend module that's understandable haha but, because of this I've been looking into what module to buy since I already have the trigger. Also I use a single bassdrum, simply because when I had two previously it was hard to get them to sound exactly the same do you ever have that problem?

Sorry for all the questions dude this is some great advice.

By the way, I tend to play to slower music and groove because it feels fun haha. Oh! Just thought I'd say the most weird thing is that banjo in one of your songs, I can't remember which but I remember hearing it and I was just like.. what the fuck haha was it a clip or can one of the guys actually play a banjo? :p
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