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Well, the cool thing about Silverfox drumsticks is that they have a coating on them, kinda like Regal but they suck cause as soon as you get sweaty palms they shoot out of hands! With Silverfox the warmer you get the better grip you get of the sticks. To draw a parallell it's kinda like F-1 tires, they get better grip when they're warm.
So if you can get a hold of them in Australia you should definitely check them out.

As for the trigger I use the default sounds, don't think you can sample your own sounds into that module. But I'm a technical retard so I could be wrong haha. Most drummers I know use either Alesis D4 or Ddrum modules. Ddrums have a lot of advantages but Alesis is much easier to use I think.

The banjo yeah hehe. That one threw a lot of people off. Actually it was Marcus, our old and original leadguitarist, that recorded that little riff. Nothing hard at all to play but he doesn't play the banjo otherwise, although I'm sure he could learn in an instant. They just rented a banjo in a local music shop and recorded it quickly.

You should check out our two other albums as well if you haven't: "Transcend into Ferocity" and the new one "Absorbing the Disarray". Those are the ones that I play drums on, Dennis recorded the drums for Remnants..

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