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Originally Posted by Mattt View Post
Just got my first Visceral Bleeding T-Shirt!

Despite being a fan for many years, I finally
was able to purchase an Absorbing the Disarray
shirt from the Neurotic Records website for only
US14.99 and haven't taken it off since. hah

Also not sure if Rotten_Boy is around these forums
anymore but was wondering about the history of
your dreads as I have had mine for around 3 months
now and to be honest some of the band photos and
video clips of them were my inspiration.

appreciate your time,
try willowtip next time.
visceral bleeding fucking rules. all three albums are criminally underrated. one of the most under appreciated dm bands ever. thank you VB for making quality music. it has made a considerable difference in my life.
love you guyz
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