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Originally Posted by Luke
Monster Scales and Modes by Dave Celentano was decent and fairly concise, not sure if its still on the shelf these days...
Wow, I'm surprised to see someone else mentioning this book. I bought this book a long time ago. I thought it was decent at the time. It has pretty much all the regular known scales out there, plus tons of exotic scales.

The only thing I didn't like is that it only showed each scale drawn out on the fretboard in one key. So if you wanted to play the scale in a different key you either had to damn good with the scale and the ability to play it shifted up or down on the fretboard (which I was not and still am not) or you had to draw it out yourself on paper which is what I did. But the book would be probably 6 times thicker if all scales were drawn out in every key.

Here again, a decent book that was only like $20 or so.
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