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Exclamation News update, april 15th

Upcoming summer carnage & new album updates.

First off, many thanks to Lipek for the Napalm Over Warzaw show. We had a good time and hope to return to Poland soon!

We can now confirm a few more shows taking place in the late spring and summer.

First off, we'll be apperaring as special guests at our friends in Cripple Bastards 20th anniversary on May 17th in Cremona, Italy.
Next up is Party-San in Bad Berka, Germany on Saturday August the 9th, and the weekend after that you can get your dosage of gore at the Brutal Assault Festival in Jaromer, Czech Rep. Our stage slots are still to be confirmed, we'll post them as soon as we know. Don't forget, we'll be hitting Holland and Belgium next weekend too. As usual, more info in the Live section.

Furthermore, we're getting closer to finishing the songs for the next album. We've got about 12 songs rehearsed, with 3 more written and ready to go. We'll keep on writing until the album sessions will start, so there might be around 20 songs to choose from for the album.
This time, we're gonna shake things up a bit and work with a producer, namely the (in)famous Fred Estby of ex-Dismember fame. He'll be working with us in the studio, lending us a pair of very experienced ears, as well as during the pre-production phase so we can get a second opinion on the material.
Sessions will commence in Offbeat Studio in the beginning of October.

Some new song titles include Virulent Corpus Dispersement, Nephroblastoma, Carbonic Residue Conversion and Necrocriticism.

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