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Re: What's on your mind??

Originally Posted by Free Radical View Post
Someone signed on the HTB facebook with "Horse the fan", but it wasn't Peter Chesnut. Tsssk.
And yeah, I guess I should post my pics and story from my last encounter with HTB, but...procrastination is one of the things I'm good at. :D
Anyway, don't know if I linke this before, but you can see me crowdsurfing to Murder in this video, taken at the Düsseldorf HTB concert I saw last summer. The real Horse the fan is in there as well. It was a small, packed, and hot little venue.

haha, what's with the Ramones mural?

I'm living back in Illinois. It feels good to be back with my family and friends. Also, the HORSE the Band concert next week should be super fun. Maybe I'll stop at Lou Malnati's and get a pizza pie.
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