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Re: Octopus on Fire played by the BBC Symphony Orchestra

Nicely done. Sadly, I missed your reply here haha. I'm so used to notifications elsewhere that I forget I need to manually check.


Side note. I've ways loved trying to sync up string quartet tributes of afi songs with the actual songs so of course I tried it with some if these. I do like that you don't typically stick to it 1:1 as you sort of get a feel for what the song needs, timing wise, at certain points. Kudos.

But... and I wouldn't post it without your permission, I did experiment with a raw Kingdom Hearts video (no edits) and trying to time the two A Million Exploding Suns but I did it backwards as I hard copied your version over the video and then tried adding the actual song (can only add one music track in the video editing software), forgetting I need to do some pauses and splices on your version to keep better time. But I liked how at the "Million exploding suns!" part happened to time up with something fitting lol.
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