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Re: Octopus on Fire played by the BBC Symphony Orchestra

Ahh, man, you didn't have to go through all that trouble of syncing! Someone on the Horse reddit tried to do the same thing and fit the original recording and the cover version together and didn't have a great time so I made them a version with the original tempo track. Syncing up the tempo to the click is the first thing I do when making the covers. It's a hassle at first but pays off later.

There's no stable tempo or click to the grid in the Horse songs I did up until now, it's just pure punk tempo mayhem :)

Anyway here's the file www(dot)circuitsoldiers(dot)com(slash)music(slash)
Sorry, I'm still not allowed to post links.
It's not perfect, but way more in sync with the album recording.
Please use it in any fashion you want :*
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