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Originally Posted by ChAAPY View Post
Matt used the Digitech Pro Legend on ATB. Used to own one too. I even copied his settings he gave out and was playing in D standard at the time, lol.

I still use the v-amp pro for fleshing out ideas and recording scratch tracks, but then I go back and re-record everything using LePou's free ampsim (usually Legion for metal stuff) and my favorite impulses. If you're going to be using the v-amp for recording, I suggest you don't and d/l one of the really good free ampsims (TSX, Nick Crow, LePou) and then get keFIR or Voxengo Boogex to load your impulses. All of that is free and you can achieve a much better metal tone using that software than the v-amp. It still won't stand up to a real amp and cab (the congest mids and lack of movement are usually a give away), but it's a blessing for us guitarist who can't afford to mic a real cab because of our living situation.

Here's a quick mix I just did with some tracks off of the Sneap forum. I don't use dropbox right now, so sorry. Just make sure you click the sendspace link above where it says "share".

I'm currently demoing apTrigga2 atm, so that's where the sharp "hiss" spikes are coming from. Guitars are LePou's Legion. Can't remember what impulse I used. Did a quick HP/LP and some small cuts (nothing more than 1 db) in the midrange to help it sit better in the mix. There's also a multiband comp keeping the low mids in check. It was "mastered" in like 2 seconds, so it obviously needs some tweaking, but you get the jest.

Some good start up settings for a modern metal tone when using the v-amp.

Amp: Modern Hi Gain
Gain: 5 or 6
Bass: 3 or 4
Mids: 5
Highs: 5 or 6
Presence: 5 or 6
Drive Boost: ON
Cab: 15 (you bypass this and use impulses if you're unhappy with their cab selection)
Effects: Choose the compressor but leave the knobs at their lowest settings.
Thanks for the advice! the settings you posted for the metal tone are similar to what i've been playing with, sounds pretty damn good for $100.

I bought this purely for being able to play 24/7 because of living situation as the only amp i have is a half stack, and to record low quality demos with some programmed drums.

I think i'm getting the hang of dialing in some decent tones on the unit but am having some trouble recording to my PC. Could you post how you directly record to you PC. cable configuration and all? I'm just trying to use the free energy xt2.5 software that came with it. I dont have a mixer or anything. I just want to plug straight into my v-amp then to interface then to pc. i must be missing something here, i've never done any recording on my pc ever so im a complete noob .
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