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There are two options here. If you want to use the v-amp as an ampsim but use boogex to load an impulse (your cab), you have to bypass the cab simulation on the v-amp. I don't have the v-amp 3, but on the pro you press D and E (configuration) and select no cab. You'll know when you have bypassed it because your tone should sound like complete shit (ie. very fizzy). Now, load up boogex and select an impulse. The trick is finding a good impulse that works well with your ampsim. Try to achieve the tone your looking for at this stage. Shape it with the ampsim and impulse selection. Don't go in with the mindset that you can just use post-processing EQ later on to get your tone (you'll have to do some basic eq, but get it right at the source first if you can).

The other way is to use the free ampsims available on the net (TSE, LePou, Nick Crow, etc.) in conjunction with boogex. For this, you don't even need to plug your guitar into the v-amp, just go directly into your soundcard. Fair warning, if your convertors are shit, then your tone most likely won't be the best. This is where getting a good interface or a DI box comes into play. For now, don't worry about it. Here's a quick tutorial: - If you choose to go this route, download a plug-in version of the famous tubescreamer pedal to place in front of the ampsim to tighten up the low mids a bit. TSE 808 is the most common, and it's free:

If you have any other questions, start googling this stuff or search youtube videos, there are TONS of them out there with useful information, but there are also tons of them with bad info too. You'll learn all of this through trial and error. The best place I can direct you to is the Andy Sneap forum. Use the custom Sneap search function ( to bring up all the old threads that have covered your questions already, and start reading. Open up a txt file or notepad and copy/paste all the useful info you find into a folder so you don't have to keep coming back to the same searches. Seriously, any question you might have is there and has been answered multiple times. That place is (or was), imo, the holy grail of home recording advice.

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