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Originally Posted by Ben Weinman View Post
I dont think i will ever personally make tabs. I have turned down some tab books and instructional video offers. I'm not really into that kind of thing. I really think its great that people are out there tabbing this stuff though and figuring it out.
An instructional video would be insane, but I get where you are coming from. I don't think I'd be too into it either. I can't teach worth shit.

2009 is looking like a good year for music. What new albums are you excited about? Aside from new DEP, I'm excited for new Between the Buried and Me, new Mars Volta, and new AFI (I saw you guys with them twice. In Chicago, where the metal barrier behind me broke from me being slammed into it too many times during your set; and in Cleveland, where it was 110 degrees outside with no A/C inside. I almost passed out in the pit. Great times!)

Edit: I just remembered you said you don't really listen to anything, so whatever. Stevegolf's question(s) on the next page is better.

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