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Originally Posted by MadTinus View Post
Haha, well, there was a band playing the songs live, so we could choose from the songs they had rehearsed and they only had those 2 Iron Maiden tracks. Maybe next time I can ask them to rehearse some other Maiden songs, like Revelations or something :) I'll sing that and see if someone can record it :)

BTW, the fact that I was on stage for so many songs, doesn't mean I can sing at all, it was the beer, oh yes the beer... and the fact that somehow not many other people had the guts to get up there.. And I did all songs together with other people. I have no clue how my voice sounded.. Karaoke is for fun you know ;)

Oh, yeah!!! I can have all beer of the bar that I´ll never sing in Karaokê... my voice is horrible!! Extremelly horrible!!!
I sing only at the bathroom, hahah!!
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