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For those who wanted to know what happened in the US on our last tour here you are: I received this mail from Quadrivium records.
You'll find my reply underneith.

From Sacbe (quadrivium)

"Someone sent me the most ridiculous statement I have ever seen posted
most likely on your stupid forum.

We (Quadrivium) ripped you off?
We (Quadrivium) did ALOT for your pathetic band. The label lost well over
because NO ONE wanted to pay to see your show you impotent brainless idiot.
We charged $1000 per show, do you know how many actually paid that amount?
NONE YOU FUCKEN IDIOT.........the show that paid the most for your show was
Ohio: $680 and New York $750 The rest didnt even come close to $500.00

I told your "manager" that the tour was going to be a problem because of the
9/11 disaster
and she said "we want to go on with it". SHE KNEW THE RISKS OF TOURING
THE SAME YEAR, A MONTH AFTER THE 9/11 disaster. If she didnt tell you then thats your fucken problem with her.

How much was paid for gas, for the rental of the vans, the'relucky you
even go to eat fucker, all thanks to us. But you wouldnt admit that because
you're a brainless mother fucker that talks nothing but shit, NO FACTS, ONLY SHIT!!

If you continue your stupidity and complex attitude, I will be posting all

Do your homework before opening that big mouth of yours... call the venues
and ask before
even saying the words "RIPPED OFF".
you did how many shows??? 12-13 shows?

Syracuse, ny paid: $250
New York, ny paid: $750
South Carolina paid: $280
Ohio: $800 (thanks to FOG)
Illinois paid: $600
Dallas, tx paid : $380
Houston, tx paid $600 (thanks to other bands)
Kansas paid: $100 (thanks to Anwyl)
Las Vegas, nv paid: $0 (thanks to all the drinking made by Blood Storm)
San Diego, ca paid: $0 (only drinks and food)
dont take my word for ALL the venues and check your self.
TOTAL: $3610
All the people that went to those shows will know that Im not lying,
Qudrivium LOST money on YOUR worthless, hypocrite, ungrateful band.

Van Rentals ???
airplane tickets???
trailer for equipment???

You think all of that was free??????????????
you must be high or just plain stupid to even think WE (quadrivium) ripped
you off.
We worked with other great bands and NONE of them have had any complaints but
you.........why? because you're an impotent brainless idiot that talks
nothing but SHIT!!!

SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT...................

Get your facts straight before you even open your full of shit mouth.
I dare you to talk and tell the truth........but you dont have the balls to
tell the truth because
you WILL end up looking like an ass. If you keep up your shit talking... this
email will go to everyone, media and followers........many dont like you already, I wonder

Resuscitator "

Nornagest :

Hi Internet warrior!

If you had one piece of a brain you would realise that YOU did the mistakes
during that tour!!
Your responsabilty was to cancel the tour if you knew that you would do any kind of lost!
Plus if you would have done a little bit of promotion outside California maybe more people would have come to see our "worthless band" !
Thus, all the things that were arranged for that tour weren't respected :

- Nightliner
- Catering (Food every day, drinks...)
- Promotion etc...
- Plane tickets payed in Advance and not 5 minutes before the plane takes off
with a empty bank account! (because yes, we flew to the US with illégal tickets that mister paid with a cheque without provision)

It's not you who had to spend four hours at the customs in Philadephia because
the tour promoter (you) didn't pay the plane ticket legally!
So your tour was well organised and it's our fault??
Tell that to us, Blood Storm and Sol Evil who didn't have any cash for the
shows, money that you promised to Blood Storm and us because we needed this
money to cover the losses of the days we were not working!
It's easy to insult through a screen or a phone or something, but in real your
another kind of coward.
Mister big mouth, you were not that proud when we obliged you to take us to the
airport after you left us without money, food and drink in Downey ( L.A) for one
fucking week!
Is that you once again who covered up the total fee's back to Europe??
No! we had to pay it ourselves with the little money we had left at home to be
able to go back in Europe!
Just like Blood Storm had to pay with the money they putted aside for their own
private life to be able to go home to Philadelphia from L.A!
You paid food?!
yes, well indeed you did the first 5 days!
Afterwards, we had to pay ourselves for food and share the
hamburger or pizza we bought with Blood storm because they had NO money left at
Who had to sleep some nights, in an ice cold van when it was -15° Ce.??
While you and your Girl friend were in a hotel!!!
Who was supposed to do Shirts for the tour to cover the costs of the gaz and so
on??? you!!
Who lied and didn't do 'em ?? You!
So don't throw your impotence to our faces saying that WE are responsible for
all your mistakes, that's a bit easy!
And I would like to know Which other bands you organised a full US tour for and
were happy with your work!?
Because of what I heard from Phil , who was a member of Quadrivium and quit
because of your impotence in that domain, it's not really the case, every one
knows that you can't organise a tour and that you keep money here and there
that should be in other pockets than yours!
Isn't that for the same reasons,I don't know, that you've been fired from Resuscitator? But ok, that's not my business!
So not a lot people like me nor Enthroned?
Well, it's not my problem nor my concern and in fact I don't give a shit, I am what i am , we are what we are but at least we are no rip off's, liars and thieves! If some people do not like us it's because we always say what's true in the face, what we think and of course it doesn't please some people who are too weak to face their reality or something they do not wanna hear! What you will never understand is that we aren't looking for fame or the affection of this or that person.
We do Enthroned because that's what we have in our guts, it's feeling not a matter of profit.
But in this case when you travel to the other side of the planet and take days off work you need a bit of money at least to cover up and be able to pay your renting and bills!
We have famillies to feed and a life, but maybe those things are unknown to you.
So dear Sacbe, this is the first thing.
Ther second one is that you can insult us through your net work, it doesn't reach us, it only made us Laugh, anybody can do that! This reaction you just had would be understandable for a 10 or maybe 12 years old kid, not from an adult!
So grow up a bit , be a man and face your mistakes that's what we call maturity!
You tour wouldn't have been a failure if you would have started it with a certain capital behind you and plus you don't organise a tour without a descent promotion (at least posters sent to ALL venues and no on the day of the concert like it was the case, Phil (ex-quadrivium) told me that Sacbe sent the posters the day he came to pick us up at the airport and not even all the posters another of their collaborators received the instructions to send the rest of the posters "later")
We are too "old" to enter this little game, this is only good for babies and lowlives.
We did one mistake and it was to accept this tour!
Now, if you wanna spread your pictures, numbers, mails, !!
We know ,and involved people knows, what happened then and how you treated the bands.
So just be an adult and think about it!




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