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Originally Posted by Transient
boy are you gys in luck. tonight im going to upload this video from 1990 with an interview with doug cerrito and some old bass player they had (shadey lookin dude) ...its like 5 minutes of interview then a full set promoting their demo.

FRANK DOES HIGH VOCALS!!!! this is the only copy of any bootleg ive ever heard or seen or heard talked about during which frank does high vocals!! an audio rip of the instrumental song "crippled..." something surfaced on these forums a while ago...but this one has video and audio! plus, in the instrumental (suffo's only known unreleased track) there are two from pierced and the GOD FORBID breakdown from funeral inception! you guys are gonna love this
haha, I have that video too! Doug's beard is killer! the bass player is josh barohn I suppose! by the way: I am really looking forward to that 2004 show you are gonna upload!
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