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Originally Posted by dude0160 View Post
Naw man, I think most fans would agree that Purity to Goremageddon was the best era for Aborted. Don't get me wrong..I like the new cds but the older shit is where its at.
I agree most people do prefer the earlier stuff. But, for me, the experimentation and atmosphere (especially on the last record) was something which set Aborted from the majority of br00thul bands, and made them into something which was far better than the second-rate Goregrind Carcass clones which Aborted were originally derived from.

Aborted had a formula which was original. They had the melody, the brutality, the atmosphere, everything. And, on paper, it looks like something I would absolutely hate. A mixture of Melodic Death Metal with Brutal Shredding Deathcore sounds like the manifestation of everything wrong with Death Metal in one fat ball but, goddamnit, they made it work.

Hell, even the artwork was leagues ahead of any of their competitors. It was more subtle and relied a bit on the imagination, and was beautiful to look at. This new EP just looks like a straight forward gore scene and that's what the earlier stuff says to me. Straight-forward gore which just blasts and grinds.

Now don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the earlier stuff as well, but I just find it a shame that Aborted have had to ditch the originality in favour of retreading old glories just because the fans were too narrow-minded to appreciate what they were doing. I feel that Aborted had just begun to tap into what they could really do with their new style and felt the new album would have carried on this style even more, adding more new elements and simply refining it, but this news just makes me very sad as they'll never fully get to progress that sound to perfection, which I feel they would have done.
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