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Re: Teitanblood- The Baneful Choir

During the initial hype for Death I thought it was ridiculous and I thought they were totally a style over substance band. But I did end up picking up the album and really liking it from an aesthetic standpoint, but I wouldn't say I ever fully "got" the songs. First time revisiting it the other day I thought it was a total wall of noise and basically any riff is interchangeable with any other. But I notice that the vocals are pretty conventionally structure and kind of anchor things at times. I really like the sound of it so I think that keeps me sticking with it. But I do still believe that the riffing is basically primitive, but of course music can be more than the sum of its parts.

I'm not planning to pick this up for a while because I would still get Sunn O))), Nile, Mayhem, Blut Aus Nord and possibly Blood Incantation before this. And I have a couple other things on the list. But I do expect to get the album.
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