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Noctambulant > Cabinet

I love both albums, but Noctambulant is stands head and shoulders above any death metal album I've ever heard. The Grimmel Praug made a statement I agree with, I think Uncle Damfee and Hidden in Flesh were a sign of things to come from the first album, if those 2 tracks explored that new realm of Death Metal, and they set the trajectory for Noctambulant, which IMO far surpasses Cabinet. Every song on Noctambulant is so unique, and the sounds never get stale which is a problem with many death metal albums. As good as the soloing on Cabinet is, I think at times it comes off on the 'wankery' side like in The Forbidden (don't get me wrong, it may be a tad cheesy, but Grade A Cheese, the finest cheese known to man) whereas the soloing on Noctambulant fits each and every song like a glove, injecting a new layer of depth and feeling to each track.

I think Cabinet set the trajectory of things to come, Noctambulant took all that was good from Cabinet, and took it to a higher level and discarded what was not uniquely that Spawn of Possession sound... which is why i'm soooo interested & excited to hear the new stuff!!! I have no idea what direction it can be taken, which is why I anticipate this next album so much!
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