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Originally Posted by Cannon View Post
I was wondering.
Karlsson wrote the solos on the last 2 albums? am I right?
It is a weird dynamic that is different from most metal bands. Is Karlsson no longer an active member? Who will be playing the solos on the new CD? I know Bryzz you are certainly capable of doing so, and you have shown AMAZING writing skills, so why did you even 'subcontract' the solos on the last albums in the first place? I would be interested in hearing the Bryzz style of leads, and I know many SoP fans would. Thanks for the update, I cannot imagine what the new songs would sound like, it is great to hear you are not follow the Noctambulant "formula" and finding room to progress. I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat until the release I am anxious as hell to hear it all. Thanks and good luck during the writing/recording process!!!
Yes he did, karlsson was mostly into stuff like Steve Vai, Satriani, Dream Theater etc. so music like that shaped his sound. but still i think he managed very well to find hes own style and adapt it to brutal DM. some of his solos are actually my favorite solos of all time.
Karlsson quit playing the guitar 2 years ago so hes not an active member anymore, and i asked him recently if he was interested in writing the solos for the new songs, but he said he cant do it anymore, he has lost a lot of the abillity to play that tech, and he dont feel like starting practising several hours each day again. thats understandable, and we are still friends and all, so there is no harsh feelings about that.
i have been very lazy for years when it comes to practising and writing solos, and with karlsson in the band it didnt feelt that necessary to do that either hehe. its a totally different way of playing the guitar i think, and i do suck when it comes to solos hehe, at least right now. but i have started to practise on that and its getting better and better. and probaly im going do some solos for the new songs. and i have an idea who can do other once. so in the end the solos are going to be just fine i think.
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