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Originally Posted by Unknown Doodl3.2 View Post
I didn't get to try the Fireball, but I did get to try the invader. It's a 4 channel head with 1 usable channel (the 2nd one) clean was ordinary, and the other two sounded processed to shit. The 6505 I tried right after sounded loads better and was a third of the price... I wasn't impressed... at all.
lol, the INVADER sounds PROCESSED. You must post on Harmony Central.

As someone who has played both (and owns an Invader/use to own a Savage) as well as a Powerball, I can tell you that you're a moron. The Invader is the most "organic" sounding/least compressed/processed sounding out of all the ENGLs. Bang up job, chap.

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