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Originally Posted by ChAAPY View Post
haha, so unnecessary.
Actually, it has more to do with headroom than actual volume increase. there's a 3db difference between 50 and 100 watts.

Originally Posted by Willith View Post
As someone who has played both (and owns an Invader/use to own a Savage) as well as a Powerball, I can tell you that you're a moron. The Invader is the most "organic" sounding/least compressed/processed sounding out of all the ENGLs. Bang up job, chap.
The worst part is that I agree with you as far as the Invader goes IN REGARDS to other Engls. Guess that says a lot about those amps in General eh? Organic and Engl in the same sentence just doesn't work.

Powerballs just sound like ass, and Invaders are wildly overpriced. Deal with it.
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