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Originally Posted by shroudofimpurity
Luke, I definitely trust your judgement... cause i know you lay down the shred. I was just wondering if you have any tips or books to refer us to?

For all things chords and chord progressions , if you can find them..

Chord Camp 1
Chord Camp 2
Chord Camp 3

All by Tommy Armstrong, a local Sacramento teacher based out of Skips Music. These are seriously the best. As for scales, I still haven't found any that I've liked which is why I went to a teacher. Monster Scales and Modes by Dave Celentano was decent and fairly concise, not sure if its still on the shelf these days. For those chord books though I'd give Skips Music a call and see if you can order them, or email them and get in touch with Tom. A student of mine recently mentioned CC 3 was out of print.

But anyways, the Guitar Grimoire is a joke. The guy who wrote that thing obviously intended to make it look like the most complex, difficult and painful instrument on the planet when its really supposed to be fun.
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