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Originally Posted by ten_second_infinity View Post
Yeah, exactly. But, the more I listen to it the better the recording sounds, haha. The drums do sound very natural and I like that a lot about them. Too bad I live so far away it would be cool to let you record a couple of our songs. Great job, man. Please keep me/us up to date on this mix and your future ones as well. You plan to do any death metal bands?
Thanks a lot man, and yeah I will post assorted clips when they are mixed. My teacher actually said the tracking was about as good as can get, and everything is just ready to be mixed, so it's a great start. I think some compression on the snare and the overheads will beef them up a bit, give some consistency to that snare, and if it's slight, but fulfills its purpose, they will still sound natural, just a little less roomy.

Anyway, yeah, my plan this entire year was to get some death metal or black metal bands to come in and record. I asked Wakeness' band, they were going to come in but ended up changing their minds. I went to some shows and approached bands, but a lot of them already had material recorded or weren't at all prepared to record in the near future. But yeah, I'm compiling my own gear, and after I graduate I have an insanely cheap rate for renting the school studios, so I think that's how I'm going to work until I can afford to build my own live room. Now, at least I have some material to work on for a portfolio, and I am going to try my hand at some amateur mastering in the school facilities, if that works out, maybe you wouldn't mind sending me some wav's of Abhorrent, and I will try my best to master them, without charge.
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