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Total Fucking Destruction - Peace, Love and Total Fucking Destruction CD
Release Date: 10.28.2008

Centered around Brutal Truth drummer Richard Hoak's social criticisms and breakneck, jazz-inspired drumming, 'Peace, Love, And Total Fucking Destruction' pushes grindcore into uncharted, open-minded realms. Musical influences include the raw power of old Napalm Death, the progressive approach of old Minutemen, and the glory of classic rock radio.

We are handling the North American pressing of the new TFD CD, and it hits the streets on 10/28. We have copies available now for direct mailorder and we also set up a CD/Shirt deal through Relapse.

The vinyl version is in the works and should see the light of day in a matter of months.

CD: Direct Mailorder

CD/Shirt: Relapse
CD: Relapse

In other release news:
  • The Coffins/The Arm & Sword of a Bastard God - split LP should be out in roughly 3 weeks
  • Father Befouled - Profano Ad Regnum CD will be out 11/25/2008
  • Test pressings have been approved for the Hatespawn/Dead Congregation split 7". This will be done in a matter of weeks
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