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Originally Posted by MarkMacDonald View Post
It's been a while since we've heard any updates from the guys in SOP. Dennis leaving was the last major piece of news we've heard. But it'd be cool to hear some stuff from the guys about what's going on right now.

I know they're writing new material, but it'd be cool to hear if they've completed any songs so far/how many/have you tried out any new drummers yet?/is the writing process taking more effort this time/any plans for touring/estimations on the new albums release date/how many teenage japanese girls have you deflowered in the last year? etc...

It'd just be cool to hear some stuff from the band, though it is awesome that bryzz frequents the tab thread.
dont have much to tell you but.


* A new website is comming soon. and to order merch etc, you have to use the new e-mail adresses i posted in the thread: new emails, new website. (these e-mails are only temporary until the new site is online)

* the writing process works fine, maybe its going a little bit slow (as usual), but i dont want to write crapy songs, or just ordinary death metal.
no new song is complete yet, but im working on at least 7 different ones right now, and 4 of them should be finished pretty soon. i have found some new colours and flavours that doesent appear on cab/noc. and i try to avoid old formulas as much as possible. so it want be a noctambulant 2 or cabinet 2. i have put a deadline for the writing process so it want take forever hehe. but i cant give you an estimated releasedate yet. because a lot of other things has to be solved first.

* No tours or gigs are planed. its not even possible because SoP needs a new line-up. more about this when the new site is online.

* i may dissapoint you but we have deflowered 0 japanse girls :(

thats it for now.

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