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I also am against patenting genes. Recently a company was blocked from claiming patents on the BRCA1/2 genes which are responsible for breast cancer. However if they want to patent this species, I doubt there will be any problem as it is entirely synthetic. They wouldn't hold patents on the genes contained within their organism, they would hold a patent on that specific organism as a whole.

A similar controversy came up recently regarding HeLa cells. If you don't know what they are, you fucking suck. If you were to gather all the HeLa cells in the world, you'd have more of Henrietta Lacks than the actual (now deceased) Henrietta Lacks.

The industry has always been finding ways to create proprietary tools for research. To these companies, there needs to be a profit incentive. Unfortunately this does limit what gets done, although to be honest you can't go 4 days without some new form of technology being released. When they started the Human Genome Project, they gave themselves 10 years to finish. I think they did it in 4, because technology was moving so fast they could do substantially more in less time as years went by. It's even faster today. What took half a day now takes 15 minutes. Pop your samples into a cartridge, feed that into a machine, it does the rest.

Gene therapy is already a reality so if you're afraid someone is going to create some sort of ultra-human, watch more ESPN...

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