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-Recording a full-lenght album together with some dude I used to work with.
-The GF is moving from Germany to Dubai, because she got a kick-ass job there. Bums me out tho
-Starting to be more open and social
-Considering to study art after I finish my aprenticeship
-Getting a new ractice-space, which is an abandoned school. where we have shit-tons of space and a stage, so we can play our own shows
-Thinking about how to do a tour and with whom.

Kevin: As always I hope you´ll figure out what´s best in life and that you are happy. [no offense or anything]

Luigitoilet: call me, once you come to germany so we can crash some small festivals

FreeRad: Can´t finish anything writing-related myself. I´d like to give advise, but I fear you´re already wiser than me.

Also: I really want to hear decent audio of Brian singing

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