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Re: The (new) Fail/Win Thread

Ofc he is not alt right, he said he is left leaning centrist or something iirc. Spencer & Co. probably agree with his free speech crusade so they are supporting him to an extent, and he has done some interviews on Fox, Rebel Media and other conservative outlets so he is alt right by proxy in the SJW eyes. I doubt I even heard him once discussing the "controversial" themes of white supremacy/nationalism/tribalism etc.

That h3h3 interview was probably PG 8 even in far lefts eyes, some others are more spicy but I literally never heard him saying anything truly controversial. I mean I wouldn't be surprised if they would make such a fuss if that student would be showing a Taylor, Spencer of Heimback video or even a Milo or Shapiro video but a Peterson one, moronic beyond comprehension.
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