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Re: 2020 album discussion thread

That?s incredible. Two of the most intriguing black metal bands going right now, I think Voidhanger is unfairly associated with Iceland DSO but they?re more eclectic a label than say Nordvis or Dark Descent.

Really happy Afterbirth are so quickly back after such a long stretch of demos. There are few bands doing early Wormed worship, the only slam worth talking about; with Epicardiectomy being signed to NSE and Organectomy from Australia I thought I?d try the sub genre given it?s seeping into spheres I admire, I went the Russian route and godawful it is.

The new Odious Mortem two tracks in is incredible; could use some tightening up in the songwriting, surprisingly given the twelve years it took to write but it?s early days and I guess also they?ve had an abundance of material, plus they are carrying the torch for that short lived modern sound of now defunct severed savior. None do it like neurotic era California bands.

As for racism in music, I?d be hard-pressed to find an smn forumer not gutted Craig Pillard isn?t a member of the Disma anymore.

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