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Originally Posted by Selppinevoli
An added treat??? New song material? Free booze? Monkey hookers? :banana:
BTW, that added treat was that Scott did a couple songs with us....Innocent & Inner Core.

Also, we've tentatively scheduled a show for Feb 10th! It'll be somewhat of a jam for us. We'll have this dude who came out to audition for us who has a ton of potential, & we want to see how he does John from Eden's Fall will do a couple songs & even Scott will do one or two. Also tentatively scheduled to play are Ion Vein, with a new singer they've been working with...and also Scott's new band Mindwarp Chamber, which might be a going away party for their bassist Brent. Brent's not quitting...he's moving away, but plans on still being a part of the band long distance I guess...not sure.

Would be a good one to come out to if you're thinking road trip...hehe
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