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Originally Posted by Tomes of Deceit
Why go to all these obscure words when there are plenty of common nouns not taken?

Rocking Chair

If those aren't brutal enough, add death to the end. But I think they are fine as is. I can't remember all these stupid ass names, gorgiastic incestectamy, ingurgitating exculteration, neurologistical exhumation. I'll be like, "wow that band rules! too bad i'm never going to be able to remember their fucking name to be able to buy their album or anything".
Excellent point.

Let's combine a few words that don't go together:
Cheese Napkin
Guitar Boots
Penguin Hubcaps

Or get your three face on:
Watching Forest Cables
Calander Pencil Anger
Weeped Phallus Ingrown

I'd be surprised if you heard some quality gurgling, Ricky-Martin blasting and sick sweeps, you'd forget that the band was called "Cheese Napkin."
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