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Originally Posted by Rain
Cool idea to use only basses! But finding 2 players is a hard task and you can also do it alone with a drummer. If you're interested check out our live vid with only 1 bassist& a drummer:

About band names: why not sing about something that is interesting & more sci-fi like the creation of planets, the future of evolution, your favourite era from History? Or something creepy like Salad Fingers? Or something more satiric aspects on the lyrics like Life Of Brian?
Or if you want to get Negativas print space call it Positiva?
Or use the no band name at all: just -your, or the frontmanĀ“s name- and the band.
The only thing is, I need one clean bass (me) and one distorted bass (someone else...someone with distortion.)

My favorite band name I've come up with is one that I foolishly let me ex-band use (Venereal Messiah.)

I don't think I want to use any of the following
- Bland Gore Names.
- "Funny" names.
- "Technical" terms
- Lengthy names that no one can pronounce.
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