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Originally Posted by Pantala Naga Pampa
The only thing is, I need one clean bass (me) and one distorted bass (someone else...someone with distortion.)

I think all the newer bass pedals still maintain the clean bassguitar-sounding element in the sound and it is still there, so if you are afraid of loosing it I think you should have no worries. On our demo I used a standard guitar Zoom 707 multieffect pedal in the studio to create distortion haha- I just had no idea what I was doing and wanted to experiment.
I hope it really works out with your bass-only idea as a 2-bassist band and I'm sure many would love to watch and hear some new low dimensions in music.
And as a conclusion just a thought-provoking hypothesis: will this be the birth of bass only death-jazz?
I hoped to play live though, so just doing it in the studio won't cut it.

Also, I'm not exactly Victor Wooten; so having someone else contribute ideas would be a big plus.
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