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Originally Posted by tenorbass View Post
The one problem I have is the stupid piano roll. When ever I fill in the boxes it always skips when I play it! Any tips?
There's a little menu item in the Piano Roll that looks like a grid, the last menu picture. Click on it, and then select none. There should be like a list of shit like 1/6 Step, 1/4 Step, etc. Just click none.

Now you don't have to worry about the Piano Roll boxes being locked to only a few positions. Fiddle around with the placement of those boxes until it sounds right. I don't know if there is an easier way of doing this but I found that this works for me. The Piano Roll is a bitch, for future releases they should work on having preset increments like 32nd notes and all triplet subdivisions.

Somebody also mentioned using your keyboard to trigger samples, I don't have Fruity Loops on this computer to double check, but I think it's in the Tools menu, it's called Typing Keyboard to Piano, so wherever it is, make sure the option is selected.

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