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sappastic sapism

yo, you wanna fuck with me niggas? yo you know what im saying yo? you think u some MC bigwig spaceboy? smoke weed weed in ladies toilet. im gonna fuck you up and send you straight to odinspace, fuck yo shit, hail Che.

damn kohenz mad now, really mad... you didnt pay me the fuken money, now i gotta wax yo ass, kno what im saying foo? shit, you dont know shit, you shit! i fuck you! i fuck you in the ass! i fuck youuu! uhahgfh!

its just that life is so fucking hard... i miss my mother man! i dont know how i can keep up, my homies daed and all... being a poor broke ass hustle all day, a nigga gotta keep up, a right to life, aye? stop dissin' the playa man, dont hate the man, hate the game...


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