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Thumbs up Jack Owen (Equipment Questions)

First thing,

My great respect towards you for such ay great guitar player!

I have some questions regarding ay song from CC,(sorry to mention CC),i wanted to known how you where
able to manage the higher octave part on the rythme section,i believe it was 2 octaves from drop C#(not sure).

Also the last years that you have used the Digitech Controle One + the GSP 2101 in combination
with the cabinets of "Crate" where just perfect!outstanding!

And offcourse the way you are handling/manage your chords is increasing if it depends on speed/technical.

last Question Jack,

I had a couple of questions regarding your position in CC,these questions are only technical and a few
questions are about having your guitar parts in most of the songs.

i you feel like not answering these questions,hey no problem at all,
i wrather still having you on my nr.1 list of my great technical guitar players then ask unrelated questions.

For now i wish you succesfull projects!

Kind Regards,

19" rack freak.
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