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Originally Posted by wilkins
Mick, I asked Roman if me and Jess could come to Arnhem MM, you gonna be there? Wanna see Melechesh and get naked!
Yeah, I'll be there. I'll just have to make sure, but I'll keep you informed on it.
Maybe we can do touchings and dancings.. And, you could get naked in the lobby again and hump Patrick 'loud cunt' Boudy!

Ben, we is making plans on coming to LDN. We'd really like to get to the Entombed gig, so we're making them plans.
I'm having this bit of a situation at my work (in a way they want to keep me, nbut I need to get tae fock oot! I want to move to Amsterdam and that).

Keep you informed. Love to you all, my boys.
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