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A Big Thanks from SLayTaN

Hey guys the Band ID is up and running on Radio and I got to say it blew me away. All the other bands ID's sound like a recording over a telephone but your ID was like full on Studio quality. It OWNS .
I'm proud to be an Aussie. As you guys went that extra step to provide an ID that was totally worthy of the Nobel Prize . I'm gonna be the first to buy your Full LP when you release it. But the wait is killing me lol. But I truley understand the cost of it all. Especially for an australian band. I'm guessing it would cost approx 1/3rd more to release an album here compared to a band releasing an album in the States. I wait with patience as it is not something you should rush through. Keep it tight like the EP and you guys will go miles and beyond. You will be the AC/DC of aussie Death/Thrash as an Aussie Icon. Thats for sure. You will be bigger than Destroyer 666. Time will treat Dred well if you guys stay together as a tight group. Thanks Again for giving me the chance to help promote you guys to the overseas department. I'm sure every little bit helps. Small steps forward to DOMINATION!!! man these smilies blow lol. Need a good metal up them smiles. \m/ DRED \m/
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