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Always will!!! I have a lot of faith in your music writing/playing ability. I just requested your band again on Australia Day! \m/ Had to be done \m/ The Band ID is a ripper and it goes hand in hand with wicked DEATH/THRASH METAL torn out of Australias Brutal Heart and Soul! I am 37 years old and grew up on Iron Maiden and WASP then went on to find Slayer in 1984/85 and have been into the more brutal type of music since then. I found you to be a breath of fresh Aussie Talent Air. Still waiting patiently for the full release. I don't care how long it takes. As I know that perfection doesn't just happen over night. I'm sure you are perfecting what is soon to be released and I'm not gonna hassle you in any way at all. The song I requested was \m/ Sea To Summit \m/ I'm keen to hear your new stuff but I being a keen killer either using my guns or fishing rods have the patience to sit and wait for the final Calling. Stay Brutal Guys!!!!!!!!!!
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