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Originally Posted by bryzz View Post
Hello, no nothing new yet really, I have been pretty busy with other stuff. Like work and etc. In other words, Not enough time to get in to the complex sop songs.
Have been writing a lot of other music lately thou, probaly around 10 songs in two weeks hehe. Not good enough for spawn thou, just some weird Death Metal songs written in very short periods of time. just to keep on writing and trying stuff out.

anyway. I got my new hard-drive today, the other one broke down several weeks ago. so I will probaly start to record new pre-prods for sop next week again. maybe I will get some new inspiration while doing that.

Im waiting for Chalky to record some vocals on one song. When thats done, maybe we put it on our myspace.

four songs left to complete.
Wooh! (:
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