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Emeth new line up and new album

Today is a new day in the never ending evolution of EMETH and are happy to announce that our line up is complete again.

After an intense process of auditioning vocalists we announce that Tom Demuynck has stepped up to fill the empty position near the frontedge of the stage. Some of you will know his utterly brutal and aggressive vocals from his earlier work in Leptotrichia.

With the line up complete we are now working full speed ahead on getting a new live set up and running cause we are eager to get back on stages and destroy any audience in front of it. At the same time we are working our asses off to get the new album recorded as soon as possible.

And recently a new drummer has been found in the person of Nico Veroeven (Serial Butcher, Leptotrichia). He just needed one rehearsal to prove that he is the best fit for Emeth moving forward. Nico's abilities on the kit, his feel, power and click tight precision, are some of the best we have ever seen and we are very excited to welcome him to Emeth’s Extreme sickness quarters.

Emeth's beatdoctor at work behind his drumkit at our rehearsal last sunday. You can expect more video's of him at work as we progress through the songs of the new album.

Some of you may know the song as we recorded that with former drummer tom ales for the Sickdrummer compilation 2008. It will be rerecorded for the new album AETHYR

(No sound editing has been done in any way... its a rehearsalrecording!!)

This is the first update in a long time regarding Emeth’s 4th full album entitled AETHYR.

So far 10 songs have been composed, decomposed and meticulously put together again in order to create what we feel is the strongest and most complete Emeth material ever. Its fair to say that some of this new material is very compositionally challenging and technically demanding. And believe us, these new songs blew our brainsfuses already!!
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