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"When Den of Metalism Records/Haarbn asked me whether I was interested in officially releasing both Gorath demos, I wasn’t really keen on the idea. After all, the demos sound inferior to the later Gorath releases and musically Gorath’s style has evolved since then. Nevertheless I’m still proud of “Haunting the December Chords” and “The Blueprints for Revolution”, so a Russian release of the demos, that were mainly spread in Belgium and Holland, is a good idea."

F. Dupont

1. The lizard creature
2. Suppress my grief
3. Lake
4. The fall of Winter
5. Countess Bathory 2003 (cover Venom)
6. Revolution has no deadline
7. Aeons glow in the sun
8. White deep an embrace
9. Countess Bathory 2004 (cover Venom)
10. The precession (demo) >>>

total running time: 54:07

At this moment Gorath's third album "Misotheism" is being mixed at the Shumcot Studios. For the first time Gorath have recorded real drums. The coming months the album will be send to Sweden where Dan Swanö will take care of the mastering. Wait and hear...

05.10.2007, Baroeg Rotterdam (NL) - Galhammer, Skitliv, Sauron
20.10.2007, Biekorf Heist o/d Berg (BE) - Fleshmould, Arctic Frost,...
17.11.2007, Destroy Rock Gruitrode (BE) - Gino's Eightball, Koncept,...
08.12.2007, Pand Demonium Antwerpen (BE) - Thurisaz
19.01.2008, Lido Leuven (BE) - Aborted, Gorefest, Crimson Falls,...


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