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Originally Posted by ibz_rg View Post
Ibanez RG320 (Dropped Cb)
Gibson Les Paul Custom (D standard)
Charvel Model 4A (Dropped D)
Ovation Pinnacle (Db standard)
Ibanez RG120 (Custom Natural finish, custom wired pickups, Dropped C)
Shitty, no-name strat (first guitar, Custom white finish, E Standard)

Kramer 700ST

Peavey KB100 75-watt amp
Peavey Backstage 15-watt amp
Ibanez SM7 Smashbox
Ibanez Soundtank Phaser
Crybaby Original Wah
Monster Cables

Pulse 5-piece Kit
-Remo Weatherking heads
-Dixon 911DB Double Bass Pedal
-Pulse 16" Crash, 18" Crash/Ride, 14" hi-hats
-Zildjian ZXT 16" crash, 20" Ride, 13" hi-hats

EDIT: Resized them. Made it slightly more convenient.

Bass drum and tom heads are soon to be replaced. Toms will be Evans EC2 clear 12/13/16 heads and bass wil be Evans adjustable EMAD head.

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